Project in General

The FORBIO project will develop a methodology to assess the sustainable bioenergy production potential on available “underutilized lands” in Europe (contaminated, abandoned, marginal, fallow land etc.) at local, site-specific level. Based on this methodology, the project will produce multiple feasibility studies in selected case study locations in three countries. The FORBIO project will also apply a series of innovative approaches in order to develop roadmaps for the removal of economic and non-economic barriers to sustainable bioenergy deployment and in order to promote and facilitate the formation of partnerships between farmers, bioenergy producers and local institutions. In addition, the project will carry out awareness raising and capacity building activities in order to share lessons learnt and good practices.

WIP- Renewable Energies

Partner contact name: Rainer Janssen

Geonardo Environmental Technologies Ltd.

Partner contact name: Peter Gyuris

Biochemtex Spa

Partner contact name: Mariella Mule

Blacksmith Initiative - UK

Partner contact name: Valeriia Kovach

Polish Biomass Association

Partner contact name: Maria Smietanka

European Landowners' Organization

Partner contact name: Marie-Alice Budniok

University of Limerick

Partner contact name: JJ Leahy